Industrial ice making system

Friday - 25/11/2016 14:56
Global warming is making longer summer with high temperature. It's about 35 -50 Celsius. Highest temperature in the recent years. It is the reason make industrial ice making system develope and expand day by day. Do not miss this opportunity, investor should take their money in ice making system. That is the best invest plan which can bring giant profit.
Industrial ice making system

         Almost bar, coffee shop or restaurant use cube ice to making drinks or preservation food and vegetable. Cube ice also be used for household drinks too.
          Saw high demand of cube ice, invest money for buy a cube ice machine in house, bar or coffee shop is necessary. You can control input water so you can sure that it pure and none impurities. Moreover, you can control output ice quantity, you can make ice as much as you need by choosing suitable ice machine.
          Investors can not miss this opportunity to make profit from ice making system. With small capital, they can have a perfect ice making system in their own house (dimension of ice making system is not too big so we can put it in my own house) to providing ice for all bar, coffee shop and restaurant. Ice market share now is very large. So investors can make money from this invest plan.

Ice making machine capacity 1 - 2 ton/day.

  • With recent large ice making share, invest in ice making machine capacity 1 - 2 ton/day need a small capital for machine and input water system and bring a giant profit for investors. Using one high capacity machine help saving energy and saving input water better than using two or three low capacity machine.

  • Moreover, high capacity making machine have smart control system, simple operation, easy set up and maintenance. Outside design of this machine is very nice, just same dimension with a small decorative cabinet. So you can put it in a storage and set up input water system to operate it.

Ice making machine capacity lower than 1 ton/day.

  • In bar, coffee shop and restaurant or hotel, to meet customer's demand who use cube ice for making drinks, cooling water or preservation food, we provide ice making machine with capacity lower than 1 ton/day. Dimension of machine depend on machine's capacity. However, our machine have compact design. just same dimension with a fridge, suitable for making drinks area, cooking or preserving food area. 
  • Our machine have many ranks of capacity such as 30 ton/day, 50 ton/day, 80 ton/day etc to meet all customer demand.

           Frozen ice making machine is a reputable branch in refrigeration market, provide many type of ice making machine with different capacity to get all customer's demand. With elegant design, Frozen ice making machine bring luxurious space for any place where our machine is setting up.

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