Wood sawdust making technique

Wednesday - 23/11/2016 09:00
Wood sawdust making technique is new technique which creat sawdust from trees woods with only one machine. This is the newest technique. It's can reduce 70% manufacturing cost. Quality of output sawdust is standard quality, can be material for sawdust extractor factory, making wood pellet, making mushroom, making charcoal, etc.
Wood sawdust making machine
Wood sawdust making machine
         Solve material humidity problem, wood sawdust making technique with new improvement can crush trees woods which have humidity more than 50% (normal humidity of trees woods 35-50%) so we can cut down drying material stage, saving time and money for investor.
         Moreover, wood sawdust making is the best solution to reuse waste woods from woodworking workshop, making wood pellet, making mushroom, making charcoal, etc make money for investor from waste woods.
          Wood sawdust making machine have designed with hammers and sieve mesh. Material are damaged by hammer with cycle speed 1500-3000 cycle/min. Sieve mesh is adapted to hammer to make output sawdust with expected size.


        Market share of sawdust in Vietnam now is a potential market. It has two main market: international market and domestic market.
        - International market has two segmentation: industrial fuels and household fuels.
        Household fuels depend on weather, providing fuels for super market with small scales and not usually. Household fuels market request high quality package and attractive form. Package standard is 10-20 kilogram, useful for consumer. Because of high quality package request, this segmentation need more process, taking more money for cost.
        Industrial fuels segmentation is larger: providing industrial fuels for thermal power plant and giant boiler. We usually has order with quantity (3000-5000 ton/month). To serve that order, investor should invest at least two Wood sawdust making machine wich has high capacity (more than 5 ton/hour).

        - Domestic market: providing fuels for furnace. We have two type of fuels.          
       Sawdust block: fuels for static burn incinerator.
       Sawdust pellets: fuels for mobile incinerators burn which have one conveyor belt to bring ash out continuously.

       Sawdust fuels are provided for many fields such as: textiles, dyeing cloth, making hard paper, drinks, instant noodles, processing plants for animal feed, chemical company, shoe factory, rubber company, etc.
       If investor has enough capital, we recommend that they should invest two line: wood sawdust making line and sawdust extractor to make sawdust fuels. Because sawdust fuel is friendly with environment and saving energy, Government and enviroment organization in the world are encouraging factories use it as main fuels. It's make sawdust fuels market become a potential market. So investment in this market is a smart investment with small capital and a large profit.

       Wood sawdust making technique is new technique which creat sawdust from trees woods with only one machine is an improve technique in crusher market, solve weak of design before, saving time and reducing cost, make money for investor.

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