Woods chipping line for export

Tuesday - 22/11/2016 14:20
Woodchips is material of Paper industry and artificial board. Woodchips were made from natural forest wood and plantation timber. Demand of woodchips in the world is increase. So demand of wood chipping line is increase too. We proud that we are a manufaturer of wood chipping line in Vietnam and we hope to bring our product to competitive with other manufaturer in the world.
Woods chipping line for export in Quang Tri, Vietnam
Woods chipping line for export in Quang Tri, Vietnam

         A complete wood chipping line include Hopper for input material, Conveyor belt for moving wood, Hopper for input woods material, Wood chipping machine, Tube for out woodchips, Conveyor belt bring woodchips from chipping machine to  sieve machine, Woodchips sieve machine, Knife grinder, Steel structural system, shelves for equipment, holes, substructure, railing, hand sieve, barrier and other needed condition.
         Wood chipping machine designed by NPT Group has many types with large range capacity from 1 to 40 ton/hour, output woodchips has many size, get all customer demands. Our wood chipping machines other design and structure to take adaptation with other material size and shape. Wood chipping machine include main parts below: machine cover, knife, hash tray, hatch, control woodchip size system, motor, electric box, input hopper and output tube. Our machine has reliable structure, steel used has thickness at least 10mm. NPT group always improve technique and design to make Wood chipping machine better with long running times, saving energy and reduce labor cost.

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Describe chopped wood stage in wood chipping machine line for export.

           Trees from exploits area were moved to factory by truck or ship (waterway). Usually trees were moved to material area. However to reduce cost and cut down material storage, truck can put material directly into machine hopper (input materials hopper). Capacity of input materials hopper is one or two truck (depend on machine capacity) with weight from 15 to 20 ton/truck. If materials (trees) has large diameter, investor should use wood chipping machine with high capacity, more than 20 ton/hour. We can use wood chipping machine with higher capacity to save times. Output woodchips has thickness 2-7mm, width 10-20mm and long 10-30mm. Usually, investor put output woodchips in a separate are where have directly sunshine, if the weather is sunny, humidity can be reduced from 60% to 30-40%. However, with unexpected weather, maybe rain or fog, we recommend that investor should buy nilon cover to prevent humidity increasing, reduce woodchips quality.


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